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What you don’t see

I avoid wearing shoes and pants whenever possible.
I talk to my plants when they’re alive, and apologize to them when I kill them.
I swear like a sailor [but never in front of grandma].
Also, I am a sailor and I will live on a boat full time before I’m 40.
If I go too long without being by the water, my life and my mind start to unravel.
At any given time I’m either finishing or about to start drinking a cup of coffee.
I still fight for the oxford comma.
There’s a 80% chance I’m binge watching Hoarders while I edit your photos.
Every day I’m learning how to be a wife.
I don’t laugh out loud even when I find something funny, but I love making people laugh.
Every moment in life has a corresponding movie quote.
I’m a photographer because it’s what my hands and eyes were made to do. The camera chose me.

I get deeply attached to people, even if my defense mechanism is to be a little flippant. But the truth is, if I’m connected to you, [even for an hour long conversation in a bar] I will remember you forever.


What you do see

I have to know your story. I have to connect with you as a person before I can connect with you as a couple. And I have to do that before I can be inspired to create art from your relationship. Its your connection, energy, and intention to bring the photos to life. I take very seriously my role as the author who translates your actions into legacy. The best thought for me is knowing the images I take of you and the people you love will stay with you forever. Your wedding day is a moment, a page, a sentence, in a much longer exquisite, and fluid story that is worth telling.

You become part of my story too. If I run into your mom at the airport 5 years from now I will remember her name and give her a hug. I am not a vendor. I am not a hired tool. I am a real person, this is my art and I give you a little piece of my soul with every image. I love my business and I do have to pay my bills, but honestly my success and satisfaction in my job comes from that email or phone call or text message after you get your images saying that you loved them. That reward moment is everything.

You feelin’ me?

oh yea, that’s me - >
drinking a Guinness
with my husband in Ireland
the day after we got married.

I seek people who have a sense of humor, who are experience focused, and motivated by connections.
For my style to be most effective, I need people who are willing to trust me, who are 100% invested in the moment, and whatever surprises the next moment brings.

If you’re nodding your head as you’ve read all of this, then I want [need] you to fill out my contact survey so I can jump into your life.