On December 28, 2017, I got to marry my best friend 30min north of Galway, Ireland. Our day, our ceremony, and our people were absolutely perfect and I still can't believe it was real. One of our best friends, Chris, did us the honor of performing our ceremony and I bring this up because having someone who CARES about you and can help you make a ceremony that is deeply personal is such an incredible experience. Creating our ceremony with Chris also gave us the opportunity to construct a custom structure which included a Celtic Handfasting Ceremony. Now the compulsive researcher that I am, I've read quite a few articles about the ceremony and how it should be performed. Honestly, I don't know how "traditional" our version was, but I think the thing to take away here is that we were able to take the concept of Handfasting (aka 'Tying The Knot') and use it for something that worked for us. In other words, the following guide is not a factual or historically accurate ceremony. But it details the structure in a way that, personally, I had a hard time finding examples of online, so I thought I'd share the way we did it to help others develop their ceremonies.

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90% of the photographs in this guide are from our incredibly talented photographer
Scarlet O'Neill