RIZ + JULIA Get Married

Immersing myself in colors and love

Weddings are about culture.

Whether it’s the culture of a religion, a region, or a country or the colloquial culture of two families agreeing to make concessions for one another at the occasional holiday, we are all subject to the culture that has created us. And to that end, the perspective of the marriage ceremony within that culture. I adore the opportunity to get to know a couple and to understand the culture they have made in their own home, within their own families. There is an intimacy, a kindness that springs from such fusion. But when the union expands the universe of two whole families, when the unique cultural rhythm of two very different families can join as a result of shared drink, mutual love of the new in-law, and (ideally) through sharing two days of unabashed dancing, I feel that I am witnessing the evolution and betterment of the world.

Too hyperbolic? Perhaps. But perhaps you would agree with me if you had seen the Mendhi and subsequent wedding of Riz and Julia. At the Mendhi, I watched as waves of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins of Riz greet and welcome Julia, who appeared stunning in an exquisite saree. The Mendhi ceremony its self was all action to me, there was no master of ceremony, nothing was explained. But it didn’t need words. The looks on everyone’s faces as each loving member of their families both gave and received sweets, blessed the couple with kisses, hugs, and henna paste. There didn’t need to be words between the worlds, there only needed to be love.

WEDDING VENUE - Knoll Country Club - West

HENNA~ Margaret Grzymkowski

DRESS - Maggie Sottero

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