Sylvie Meets the World

I can’t explain what it feels like for me to photograph babies and their families in their home. It’s more than showing sweet toes and delicate eyelashes, it’s showing a family in an entirely fleeting moment. Yes, all photographs stop time regardless of the subject. But when it’s a child, when I’m looking through the lens at a tiny human that will become someone, change the world, bring light to everyone they encounter? That’s something that hits deeper in my soul.

This is my niece, Sylvie. I felt her become a part of my heart the first time I saw her face. But getting to hold her for the first time at one month old bonded me with her forever. She’s such a sweet baby. Her parents are working so hard, and they’re my heroes for how they’ve handled the first few months of her life. They’re incredible and I hope to be as good at this as they are when it’s my turn.

Welcome to the world darling, Sylvie.

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