Wedding Photography Shot List: Why I don't want you to not write one

Your Pinterest board is full of “Wedding Photo Inspo” for everything from your dress or suit, shoes, florals, and even food. It’s become a quintessential wedding planning tool in the 2010s that it has become saturated and overwhelming when it comes to actually communicating with your wedding vendors. 

But your’e not a vendor. You’re a real person planning a huge event. And what happens is you’re looking at these images over and over again because they give you a feeling. You’re not going to be an expert in posing, color editing, frame composition; all of the technical things that make an image successful. You just want the feeling from the inspiration image to be in your own wedding photos. 

And that feeling is why I don’t believe in you (the client) creating a wedding photo shot list. 

BEAR WITH ME. If you’re wearing your grandmother’s necklace, this doesn’t mean don’t tell me you want a photo of the necklace. Yes! Of course. That’s important. What I mean is that when you’re looking through WeddingWire, The Knot, Pinterest, Zolla and they’re spamming you with blog posts about ‘120 Images You Should Ask For At Your Wedding’, I’m saying you don’t need to make a 120 image list for me.

What do I want from you is to tell me the story. And this is where my core believe of knowing you before your wedding day, and creating a personal relationship with you comes in to play.

You don’t need to make a line item ‘Photo with Grandma’. What I do want is for you to tell me about Grandma. Tell me about how she picked you up from school every day and then walk you home to make cookies. Tell me about the smell of Vanilla extract and her hands as she mixed the dough. Tell me about who she is in your life. Because if you just say take a photo with Grandma, you’re going to get a photo of the two of you facing the camera and smiling. And that’s nice! But if you tell me the story, if you let me know you and her and your world, I’ll also take the photo of her walking with you across the reception hall, holding your hand, just like she did after school everyday. I’m always watching you and watching for those candid moments. But if you tell me the story, I can know why one photo might mean more to you than another.

When we look at a list of 50, 100, 120 ‘shots’ you’d like me to capture in a day, we’re just turning your legacy into a honey-do list. Instead, write me an email. FaceTime me, lets meet for coffee and tell me about your life. I’ve had brides send me pages and pages of email that details the hardships in their families, the human dynamics that might be difficult, and the individuals they will be looking to to make sure their wedding day is full of light and love. 

Trust me to find the right way to capture your life, and trust me to hold your story.