Tim + Sidney: Souls on Fire

“Life is a bunch of chaos, but he’s the one I wanna do the chaos with.”
- Sidney

I’ve talked with Tim and Sidney time and time again since our day in the desert. There was something really intense about that day. Something that I couldn’t name, didn’t even feel that I could identify while it was happening, but in reflection I’ve felt something extraordinary reverberating through my memories. The fervor, the energy continued to flow through me as I edited their photos as well. The more Sidney and I talked about it, the more I realized that what I felt was from them. Their souls were on fire for one another. Even though we ran away to Joshua Tree a month after their wedding, Sidney told me they experienced all over again the excitement and magnitude that they felt on their wedding day. How can you explain that? There were no vows, no family or friends, but there was still so much fire, desire, and passion of their souls to possess one another. It’s been such a brilliant reminder of what wedding vows can be between two people.

“Never forget your fire for each other. That’s the only shit that gets us through. It’s what makes a promise of forever even possible.”

Our shoot started at the end. I was taken by surprise by how quickly the brilliant, arid day turned to aubergine night. But the kindness and flexibility of my two subjects meant that sundown did not deter us. So… on went the headlights. Blessed with the unique backyard of our host’s house, we managed to aim our lights at native desert foliage and a rust speckled Chevrolet. Faced with the unknown of a new light in a new location, we were all provoked by the natural rhythm of exploration as each photograph appeared before us, waiting to be captured in the growing night.

The next morning, obviously after several rounds of coffee from a very small coffee pot, Tim and Sidney donned their clothes once again and we entered Joshua Tree State Park. We just picked a road. There was no knowledge of the park or intention to seek a certain composition, we simply took the trail map from the ranger station and drove. Skull Rock seemed to be an auspicious destination to bring my newlyweds, so that’s where we pulled over. Over rocks, under Joshua Trees, hiding in the shade like two desert lizards, Sidney and Tim ricocheted their love across the trails and through the scenery. Incredibly comfortable in one another’s embrace, I only had to suggest small movements or tasks which they then completed with grace and joy.

And they kept going. Shaking off burrs and cactus spikes back at the house. Tim and Sidney continued their infectious, child-like joy as they bounced around the [airconditioned] house, and snuggled on the couch.

I see a lot of kisses in my line of work. Usually the first one is a little shy, and the last one is a little tired. But Time and Sidney really kissed one another, deep meaningful kisses, from the first to the last. And I can only hope (I truly believe) that that will hold true for the rest of their lives.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Finn RAUEN Photography
LOCATION - Joshua Tree National Park
David’s Bridal Collection
Bella Belle, Timberland
FLORALS - From the Backyard