Getaway House, Catskill, NY, USA

Secluded in the Catskill mountains, two hours outside of New York City, a small commune of tiny house trailers have been set up in a campgrounds-style setting for those driven enough to leave the buzz of the city to enjoy a more meditative space in nature. 

With locations outside of Boston, New York City, and Washington D.C., the Getaway House company has truly created an easy escape for those without personal transportation or the means to easily pack up a bunch of camping gear and effectively spend time in nature. Each of the tiny homes on site include a double size bed (or two), running water, a shower, composting toilet, and hot plate. Not to mention all of the utensils and supplies to cook effectively in their kitchen. They also supply a basket of snacks, and they include some of the best individually packed pour over coffee I've ever had via their partnered coffee blend with Kuju Coffee. The modern conveniences Getaway House provides makes it that much easier for us city folk to spend time outdoors in the silence of nature, sitting around the campfire sitting in adarondak chairs, and enjoying our retreat alone or with up to 3 friends. 

I find that more than anything, my experience in these tiny retreats affords me the opportunity to rid myself of all the nervous energy, the 'what am I forgetting' anxiety of a business owner trying to take a vacation, and the constant feeling that I'm supposed to be somewhere. Waking up to a giant portrait window filled with trees and mist starts my day with calm and presence in the moment that is difficult to find anywhere else. The comfortable beds remove the typical discomfort of sleeping in a tent or on a cot, the silence of sunrise (respected by all neighbors on site) allows me to start my day slowly and purely, without the sound of traffic or the modern instinct to check my email before even lifting my head from the pillow. These moments of peace were further rewarded by a Barred owl joining us for coffee; his day just ending as ours began.