Introducing Finn RAUEN


It took me a long time and a lot of debating to figure out who and what Finn RAUEN is in my life. The etymology was easy enough; 'Finn' is the nickname my brother gave me when I was little, [picture little kid voice trying to say 'Caff-win' and that devolving into simply 'Finn'. It only stuck because my mom couldn't keep me out of the water, I'm literally a fish]. And 'Rauen' [Pronounced "Rao-win"] was stolen from my gorgeous husband, in spite of the fact that I refuse to take his name legally. But the decision to actually rebrand myself and use this name to represent myself and my business was another matter entirely.

To put it simply, I am Catherine Taylor.  My company is Finn RAUEN.

Other than feeling a little schizophrenic, creating a business name that is separate from my own has made me feel that I can leave work at work. My business, Finn RAUEN, is my job, my skill, my day. And Catherine Taylor is my identity. I hope that by externalizing my business into a name apart from my own, I can create a model where I am free to explore portraiture equally with travel and studio photography. I hope that it will allow me employees and extensions of my business who may all feel welcome and empowered under the umbrella of this name, just as I do. 

Maybe these trials of identity are only faced by those of us who are our jobs? I don't know for certain. But my hope is that everyone can appreciate and empathize with a need for boundaries and progress as I continue to pursue and expand on this world captured from behind a lens.

Please continue your support of my work as you have done so brilliantly in the past.
I owe it all to you....

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