When I first met Jess and Mark, I remember feeling that I had never met two people who seemed so at ease with each other; two people that knew who they were and who they were with one another. But more than that, on that rainy day at the coffee shop, I remember watching in wonder as that ease of spirit spilled over into their devotion as parents to their two year old son, Logan. Show me anyone who keeps it cool while raising a two year old son and I will show you people who are great partners in life. 

As this last year came to pass, leading up to the vows and the final 'I do's, I witnessed moment after moment showing me that more than their true love and excitement to be husband and wife, Jess and Mark are partners and best friends.

Their wedding day was filled with anticipation and laughter, devotion and tears, and finally the encompassing love and laughter of friends and family.

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