Wedding FAQ's

What do you charge for a wedding?

Each wedding is unique. I construct a custom cost estimate for every couple but on average, my couples invest $2,800 in their wedding photography. I've been married and I understand the challenge of not compromising your budget. I always give you my best effort towards ensuring you have every service you want, and never charging you for a service you don't need. Contact me with a little about yourself, what you have planned, and why your fiancé is the best person ever.

I offer Full Wedding, Elopement, Proposal, Engagement, Day After, and Anniversary service packages.

I also offer a Second Photographer, a Digital Photo Booth, and Motion Pictures

What services do you offer?

What is a full day of service?

A full day of service is enough time for me to capture everything you want and nothing you don't need. I customize every photography schedule according to the indivdual event. That being said, my experience has shown that a Full Day is generally 9 hours long.